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Tomorrow is the day! Fall will officially be here! Certainly a wonderful time of the year. Here is a list of the BEST THINGS ABOUT FALL!

1) The colors! There's nothing more beautiful than watching the leaves change steadily from green, to yellow, to orange, to deep red. And when they fall off the trees, it's really pretty...

2) Fun with leaves! You can also have heaps of fun with piles of fallen leaves

3) Comfort food! The cold weather brings you an excuse to cook hearty stews, sip on hot mugs of hot chocolate, or mulled cider. The season comes with a whole new array of vegetable to try out such as butternut squash and pumpkins. And of course all things Pumpkin Spice!

4) Halloween! Carving pumpkins, watching spooky movies, dressing up, eating lots of candy and in general acting like a kid!

5) T.V. is way better! All your favorite shows come back on with new seasons after a long summer of having to wait after an amazing cliff hanger!

6) Night is drawing in. Darker evenings mean there is more (I hope) time to cosy up by the fireplace with loved ones and hot toddies.

7) A whole new wardrobe! The cold weather means that you can wrap up warm with all the your favorite cardigans, scarves, gloves, boots and blankets!

8) Bonfires! Grab your scarf, boots and favorite sweater. Get some firewood, stuff to make S,Mores. Get a few folding chairs or hay bales put them around the fire pit and call some friends!

9) Hot baths! Fabulous, relaxing and warming baths with all your favorite bath products! Bath bombs, scrubs to help with dry skin, and nurturing soaps in wonderful smells….What better way to end your day?

What is on your list?

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