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What is a soapy sugar scrub? Well, I will tell you..........a little bit of heaven, that is what it is! Creamy goodness of natural soap mixed with the fabulous enhancement of sugar to scrub and exfoliate PLUS the moisturizing benefits of coconut oil. What is there NOT to love?

You may ask "why a soapy sugar scrub and not a regular sugar scrub? Well, I will tell you that too!

These little sugar scrubs in cube form, or any form are not only cute but practical, for two reasons:

1. They are single use to avoid contamination that can occur in regular sugar scrubs.

2. They contain soap so they won’t create the mess that regular sugar scrubs do

Sugar Scrub Cubes = No Bacteria

Water used in skincare products makes them much more prone to microbial growth. Not only that, it can be a little frustrating trying to keep water from getting into the container when you’re using it in the shower (especially when dipping wet fingers into the scrub).

By using a sugar scrub cube, only what is needed for one use is brought in the shower, and the rest stay dry and ready for the next use.

Sugar Scrub Cubes = Less Oil Buildup

Unlike most sugar scrubs, these cubes contain soap. This serves a two-fold purpose. It helps avoid oil buildup in the showers and in drainpipes. It also helps avoid buildup on the skin for people who are sensitive to certain oils.

How to Use:

To use, simply squish one of the cubes in your hand, rub across the skin to exfoliate, and rinse off when done.

Caution: Since these contain a fair amount of oil, they can make the shower floor slippery!

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