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So, most of you that know me personally, know that I am a trusting person. If you tell me something, I believe you it’s that simple. I choose to believe that most people are good, kind, and honest. I try to be…doesn’t everyone? Well today I was reminded that no, not everyone is good, kind and honest.

As you all know, I am starting my dream, my shop, my bliss. I am so excited about it and the effect it is having on myself and the people around me. Lots of positive energy and good vibrations all around. So, you can imagine how thrilled I was to have a new client reach out to me to place an order! And holy cow! It is a huge order for this persons own shop! But wait. A shop in Denmark? Mmmmmm, that is strange. Let’s get some more information.

How much do you want? Okay. I can do that.

Sure I can give you a quote including shipping. Oh, you have a shipper you like to use and have a customer ID number with them? Okay.

Obviously there is a time difference and emails are going back and forth. These things take some time, but I got the quote for shipping. OUCH! I am glad that the client is paying for it! She must really want my soaps (they are pretty amazing).

I send the client an invoice with the terms and pricing. She still wants the shipment. Said it would be a perfect fit for her shop. But wait. She is having trouble with PayPal, but that is okay. She sent me the card information and asked me process it on my end. Okay. Reading the email, I notice that the billing address and the shipping address do not match. Mmmmmmmm, that really does not seem right. I call the credit card company to verify funds, and guess what. You got it! The card is stolen!

Good for me that I caught it before it went too far and I was out nothing more than my time. But, really?!? It is such a disappointment for me also. Lesson learned. Be diligent, be smart, pay attention.

I still choose to believe that most people are good, kind, and honest. I choose to believe the best of someone. And most importantly, I choose to believe in myself and my dream!

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